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Jan 30, 2011 7:00pm PST
. >> that seems like a lot of money, ms. miya. is it fair to tell people there's negativity around them and talk them into paying lots of money for things you can't really provide? >> no, no. you know what i do with the money? when i go to church, i give it for prayers. >> how much do you give to the church and how much do you keep? >> if i make 50 bucks, i would give 40, 50. >> we also paid a return visit to ms. kim. i'm chris hansen with "dateline" nbc. nice to see you. why did you tell her not to tell anyone else? >> spiritually, that's how it works. if you tell people it brings a bad energy. >> it also could be because you don't want her telling somebody in law enforcement or something like that. >> no. what i told her is when she sees her results, to recommend me. >> unlike ms. miya, ms. kim didn't back down and say she was just an entertainer. ms. kim says she's for real. >> i never make her believe. this is my job. people need spiritual cleanse to reunite love and this is what i do. >> how can you promise that this will actually work? >> because i was born with a gift. >> you were born wi
Jan 16, 2011 7:30am EST
at a trading desk. >> when he started miya, he knew he was going at it alone. >> i give this thing everything i had. >> while leveraging the marketing power of facebook and twitter, he spends the majority of his time talking to customers in the new york city area and visiting the pennsylvania facility where in ultralight fashion he has outsourced his yogurt production. >> we're in the store, seven days a week, promoting this thing, trying to get the message to shoppers. but the paramount to getting it to the next level. >> if you would have started a yogurt business ten or 20 years ago, you might have started with building your own production facility and testing facility. and i think the fact that he's using a shared kitchen and shared facility, he's able to produce his yogurt at a much lower cost. >> john and his partner brett snow don have also been able to keep costs down at their ultralight, ublanket. >> he does the hardware, i do the software. >> the pair took to the webs to start making blankets out of old t-shirts. they had the business up and running in no time. >> we hired a seamstres
Jan 9, 2011 9:00am PST
called gesture tv add miya fit, technology will make sure you finish your workout. >> it knows what your fitness objective are. >> remember the old polaroid. instant photos have caught up. >> you can create an instant experience but its digital camera, too. >> got a group of kids on a field trip? then you need the gps spot communicator. >> it allows you to go into the field with a group of kids, set up a web page ahead of time, all the parents could log in and see where their kids are. it would be updated every ten minutes. >> while they perform live, i had a more exciting time with whirlpool's newest appliances. >> this the top of the line washer and dryer. there are no buttons on them and you can customize the programs, everything you can wash to baby items to jeans how you want them. >> video in a car is not new but the size is. want a screen, small medium or large? checks out maxel electronics. >> and this is the first portable 3-d player. and why wear that anymore. >> retractable bluetooth headsets, no radiation, microphone there. >> there you go. and one more look at the sunday for
Jan 9, 2011 6:00am PST
, technology has more to do with bus but not anymore. a program called miya pit, technology will make sure you finish your workout. >> when you step in front of it, it can recognize you, knows what your fitness objectives are. you can interact without using a controller and can't cheat the program. >> remember the polaroid instants camera? you can now do it with technology. >> you can actually choose which photos you want for now. >> got a group of kids on a field trip, you need the gps and spot communicator. >> allows you to go in a field with a group of kids. set up a web page. parents can log in. their position would be updated every ten minutes. >> while crystal performed life at the exhibit at the consumer electronics show, i had a more exciting time with whirlpool's newest appliances. >> this is the top of the line washer and dryer. no buttons on them and you can customize the programs so you can wash anything from a bath mat to baby items to your jeans exactly how you want them. >> video in the car is not new but the size is. want a video screen in small, medium or large? check out elec
Jan 21, 2011 11:00am EST
there in the miya. i never hired a body guard. i was hiring a retiring member ever the nypd to do a myriad of different thing on the staff, including veterans affairs. he'll about case worker and he will be also the security officer, so to speak for the entire office for the entire staff both here in d.c. and back in the district. so he's not my body guard. >> when you have an event he'll be there to serve that function, given his background? >> absolutely. whenever we have a large event, whether it's going to be a large number of volunteers in the general public showing up, i think that you have to have some security. because anything could lap in a crowd. someone can get ill. there could be a fire. there could be any type of emergency. you have to have those there that can control the crowd. that was always part of the plan prior to this devastating tragedy. i was already hiring the nypd detective that's retiring. >> so let me ask you, because you probably have more experience than a lot of members of congress given your background as a marine and as a member of the fbi, and i spent almo
Jan 28, 2011 1:00pm EST
, miya and the other panelists who are here. >> could you speak to the microphone? >> i also want to add that while i may health economist, i am also an ame zionist minister. in some ways, my perspective on these issues not only reflect my academic and scholarly research also my practical experience with dealing with people who have found themselves in difficult experiences. my advice to the congress would be to address the current economic crisis. let's not be penalized but pound foolish. butet's not the penny wise pound foolish. there are those who believe in a so-called limited government that says that the only road for the federal government is to provide national defense. however, if you look around the world and look at nations where the only effected is the service of the national government to provide a strong military, i think most of us would agree that we would not want to live in such a nation. you don't have to think very hard to come up with one of those examples. we should be clear about how and why we find ourselves with this skyrocketing debt. the policy of the cutting
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)